About the Photographer and his Images

Welcome to Romy Ocon's Wild Birds of the Philippines (www.romyocon.net), a website that showcases a selection of the photographer's images of Philippine avian wildlife, nature scenes and miscellaneous subjects. The photographer hopes that you will have many minutes of enjoyment viewing the images, in the same way as he has enjoyed getting the captures.

For browsing convenience, labels that include the common and scientific names of the birds are provided at the bottom of each webpage.  

About the Wild Birds of the Philippines 

There are about 614 species of Philippine birds, and 194 of these are endemic to these islands. Over 10% of these species are globally threatened.

By imaging these magnificent winged creatures in their natural habitat and sharing the pictures through prints and web galleries, the photographer hopes that in his own little way, he can help   raise awareness for the protection of their habitat. The photographer wishes that future generations will still be able to behold the beauty of these avian treasures  long after his generation is gone.

Capture Information and Post Processing Disclosure

The photographer aspires to create aesthetically pleasing  and  natural history type images of  birds and other wildlife.

His capture workflow is centered on getting images of  the natural state of things, with very little or no disturbance to the subjects and their environment. All images of birds and other wildlife posted in the website were taken in-habitat, using macro and super-telephoto lenses (100 mm – 1600 mm) and digital SLRs. The photographer is not into set-up photography. He does not employ bird calls nor baiting with food in the capture of the wild bird images. Likewise, the photographer always shoots in available light, and minimizes the use of artificial lighting or flash during capture (only in a handful of photos where it is explicitly mentioned was artificial lighting used).

The photographer's post processing workflow is limited to WB setting,  cropping, resizing, noise reduction, sharpening, and adjustment of exposure, contrast, levels, brightness, saturation and vibrance. Wholesale alteration of major elements of the photo or blurring of the background in post process is not practiced. Removal of  sensor dust spots and cloning out of  tiny distracting elements in the photo are done sparingly.

About the Photographer

Romy Ocon (a.k.a. Liquidstone in various internet websites), a native Filipino, is a self-taught color-blind nature photographer, and the founder/administrator of the Philippine Bird Photography Forum.

He was born and raised in a rural village in La Union (Northern Luzon, Philippines) where he learned to appreciate nature early in life. A product of the Philippine public school system, he is  a civil engineer by training and concrete technologist by specialization. He started his working career as an employed professional in 1989, then became an entrepreneur in 1997. In 2004, he semi-retired at 39 to concentrate on his passionate pursuit - wild bird imaging.

His web galleries are at www.pbase.com/liquidstone.


The Photographer In-Habitat

LARGE PRINTS FROM THE 7D MARK II. A couple of 24" x 36" prints from the pre-production 7D Mark II which I field-tested were displayed during a photo-workshop I conducted at Baguio City on October 26, 2014. As I expected, the prints turned out nicely as far as IQ is concerned, even when examined up close.

I was shooting Blue-throated Bee-eaters by the roadside at Subic, while fellow bird photographer Nilo Arribas was also shooting the shooter candidly. (April 23, 2005)

ENJOYING FRESHLY-MANUFACTURED OXYGEN. We went up the Balsahan trail (Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines) until we came upon a forked stream (after 4 or 5 stream crossings). We stopped here to catch our breath and enjoy the view. I set up my gear and waited for more lifers, as my birding buddy Arnold took a snap shot. (February 10, 2007)

COASTAL LAGOON, MANILA BAY. It took some effort for me to smile for the camera, what with all the man-made mess around me. I'm actually lucky, I only come here once in a while to shoot birds, and this is NOT the place where I and my family live, wade, fly and feed. (January 6, 2006)

HIGHLAND BIRDING. I was waiting for montane birds at elevation 2155 meters (Bauko, Mountain Province) when my brother Jeff snapped this pic. My "travelling lightly" birding combo was the 20D + 500 f4 L IS + Canon 1.4x TC, mounted on a Manfrotto 3421 gimbal head and 475B tripod. The black bonnet insulated my top spot against the cold mountain temperature, as my hair had divorced me over a decade ago. (June 4, 2006)

BIRDING EQUIPMENT. My birding lenses pose as a group for posterity in July 2009. The newly added 400 2.8 L IS (second from left, low light specialist, with a Canon 2x TC II added in this photo) is joined by (from left) the venerable Sigmonster (Sigma 300-800 DG, long shot specialist), the workhorse 500 f4 L IS (all-around birding glass, with a Canon 1.4x TC II added in this photo), the prime-sharp 100-400 L IS (the "birding lightly" and all purpose wildlife lens) and the grizzled 400 5.6 L (the hand held flight shot specialist). I had since sold the Sigmonster to a birder-friend. For DSLRs, I currently shoot with the Canon 1D MIV, 5D MII and 7D. I usually bring about 160 GB of CF cards afield.


Romy Ocon is honored to join the roster of Brand Ambassadors of Canon Philippines from 2010 to 2017.

CANON IMAGENATION AMBASSADORS (2012). Also known as Crusaders of Light, some of the country's top imagers use Canon gear to capture unforgettable photographs and footages. (Photo courtesy of Canon Philipines).

CANON BRAND AMBASSADORS. Some 15 photographers specializing in various genres are featured in this print ad of Canon Philippines that appeared at The Philippine Star, July 28, 2010.

Romy Ocon appears in a Canon print ad that was published in a local magazine and a national daily in 2010. The photo was shot by ace lensman John Chua on location at Candaba wetlands.


1.4x tc iii (27) 16-35 f4 L IS (6) 1d miv (4) 2x TC (5) 2x tc ii (5) 2x tc iii (9) 400 2.8 IS (14) 400 5.6l (2) 400 f/4 do is ii (54) 4c tc (1) 5D MIII (7) 70-200 2.8 l is ii (3) 7d (5) 7d m2 (1) 7d mark ii (58) 7d mii (5) 7d2 (1) Acridotheres cristatellus (2) Acrocephalus stentoreus (1) action photography (1) Aethopyga bella (1) Aethopyga flagrans (1) aggregates (1) aggregates crushing (1) Alauda gulgula (1) Alcedo atthis (1) Alcedo cyanopecta (1) Amaurornis olivaceus (1) Amaurornis phoenicurus (1) Amur Falcon (1) Anas clypeata (1) Anas luzonica (1) Anser serrirostris (1) Anthus rufulus (1) Aplonis panayensis (2) Arachnothera clarae (1) Arctic Warbler (1) Ardea cinerea (3) Ardea purpurea (1) Ardeola bacchus (1) Ardeola speciosa (1) Asian Glossy Starling (2) astro (6) Australasian Grass-Owl (1) baguio (1) baler (1) baler surfing (1) Barn Swallow (4) Barred Buttonquail (1) Barred Rail (1) batch plant (1) bee (2) bif (1) binmaley (1) bird video (43) birding places (4) birds in flight (72) Black Bittern (1) Black-chinned Fruit-dove (1) Black-crowned Night-Heron (1) Black-Headed Gull (1) Black-winged Stilt (2) blue moon (1) Blue Rock-Thrush (5) Blue-headed Fantail (1) Blue-naped Parrot (1) Blue-tailed Bee-eater (3) Bolbopsittacus lunulatus (1) Brahminy Kite (4) Brown Hawk-Owl (1) Brown Shrike (6) Brush Cuckoo (1) Bubulcus ibis (1) Buceros hydrocorax (1) bued (4) bued bridge (1) bued flood (2) bued river (52) Butorides striatus (2) butterfly (7) butterfly macro (5) butterfly slomo (1) Cacomantis variolosus (1) camp john hay (1) candaba (1) canon workshop (2) Caprimulgus manillensis (1) Cattle Egret (1) Centropus bengalensis (1) Centropus viridis (1) Charadrius dubius (1) Chinese Egret (1) Chinese Pond-Heron (1) Chlidonias hybridus (7) Cinnamon Bittern (1) Circus spilonotus (1) Cisticola juncidis (1) Citrine Canary-Flycatcher (1) Clamorous Reed-Warbler (1) Coleto (1) Collared Kingfisher (3) Collocalia troglodytes (3) Common Kingfisher (1) concrete (1) Corvus macrorhynchos (1) Crested Myna (2) crusher (1) Culicicapa helianthea (1) Dendrocopos maculatus (2) Dicaeum austral (1) Dicaeum australe (4) Dicaeum pygmaeum (1) dji mavic air (4) double rainbow (2) dragonfly (2) dragonfly in flight (2) dragonfly macro (4) dragonfly slomo (1) dragonfly video (3) drone (1) drone photography (1) Ducula aenea (1) Dupetor flavicollis (1) Eastern Marsh-Harrier (1) eco trail (1) Egretta alba (5) Egretta eulophotes (1) Egretta garzetta (3) Elegant Tit (1) endemic birds (46) Eumyias panayensis (1) Eurasian Hobby (1) Eurasian Tree Sparrow (2) Falco amurensis (1) Falco peregrinus (1) Falco subbuteo (1) Ficedula narcissina (1) Ficedula westermanni (1) Flaming Sunbird (1) Gallirallus torquatus (1) Geopelia striata (1) Gerygone sulphurea (2) goat shed (1) Golden-bellied Flyeater (2) grasshopper (1) Great Egret (5) Greater Sand-Plover (1) Green Imperial-Pigeon (1) Grey Heron (3) Grey Wagtail (1) Grey-tailed Tattler (1) Guaiabero (1) Halcyon smyrnensis (7) Haliastur indus (4) Handsome Sunbird (1) haradrius leschenaultii (1) Heteroscelus brevipes (1) Himantopus himantopus (2) Hirundo rustica (4) Hirundo striolata (2) Hoopoe (1) Hydrophasianus chirurgus (1) Indigo-banded Kingfisher (1) Ixobrychus cinnamomeus (1) Ixobrychus sinensis (1) Java Sparrow (2) Javan Pond-Heron (1) kennon (2) kennon junction (1) kennon road (2) kennon road junction (1) la union (9) Lalage nigra (1) Lanius cristatus (6) Lanius schach (2) Lanius validirostris (1) Large-billed Crow (1) Larus ridibundus (1) Larus saundersi (1) Lesser Coucal (1) lightning (1) lightning photography (2) liquidstone (5) Little Egret (3) Little Heron (2) Little Pied Flycatcher (1) Little Ringed-Plover (1) Little Tern (1) Lonchura punctulata (1) Long-tailed Shrike (2) Lowland White-eye (10) lunar eclipse (1) Luscinia calliope (1) Luzon Hornbill (1) macro (10) macro slomo (1) Macropygia tenuirostris (1) mangkhut (1) mango farm (1) Marsh Sandpiper (1) mavic 2 pro (6) mavic air (1) Merops philippinus (3) Microhierax erythrogenys (1) migratory birds (63) Monticola solitaries (1) Monticola solitarius (4) moon (1) Motacilla cinerea (1) moth (1) moth macro (1) moth video (1) moths (1) Mountain Shrike (1) Mountain Verditer-Flycatcher (1) Mountain White-eye (3) Naked-faced Spiderhunter (1) Narcissus Flycatcher (1) Nectarinia jugularis (3) Ninox scutulata (1) Northern Hobby (1) Northern Shoveler (1) Numenius phaeopus (2) Nycticorax nycticorax (1) Olive-backed Sunbird (3) ompong (1) Oriental Honeybuzzard (2) Oriental Skylark (1) Osprey (5) Otus megalotis (1) Padda oryzivora (2) Paddyfield Pipit (1) Pandion haliaetus (5) pangasinan (1) Parus elegans (1) Parus semilarvatus (1) Passer montanus (2) Penelopides manillae (1) Peregrine Falcon (1) Pernis ptilorhynchus (1) Pernis ptilorhynchus philippensis (1) Phaenicophaeus cumingi (1) Phaenicophaeus superciliosus (1) Pheasant-Tailed Jacana (1) Philippine Coucal (1) Philippine Cuckoo-Dove (1) Philippine Duck (1) Philippine Falconet (1) Philippine Nightjar (1) Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker (1) Philippine Scops-Owl (1) Philippine Serpent-Eagle (1) Philippine Woodpecker (2) philippines flood (1) Phylloscopus borealis (1) Pied Bushchat (1) Pied Fantail (1) Pied Triller (1) Plain Bush-Hen (1) Porphyrio porphyrio (1) Ptilinopus leclancheri (1) Purple Heron (1) Purple Swamphen (1) Pycnonotus goiavier (3) Pygmy Flowerpecker (1) Pygmy Swiftlet (3) readymix concrete (1) Red Turtle-Dove (4) Red-crested Malkoha (1) Red-keeled Flowerpecker (5) resident birds (74) Rhabdornis mystacalis (2) Rhipidura cyaniceps (1) Rhipidura javanica (1) Richard's Pipit (1) romy ocon (6) rosario (1) Rufous Hornbill (1) rx10 4 (1) rx10 iv (8) rx10 m4 (21) rx10 mark 4 (13) rx10 mark iv (22) rx10 miv (21) san juan (1) Sarcops calvus (1) Saunders's Gull (1) Saxicola caprata (1) Saxicola maurus (1) Scale-feathered Malkoha (1) Scaly-Breasted Munia (1) Siberian Rubythroat (1) Siberian Stonechat (1) sison mango farm (1) slomo (1) slow motion (1) spider (1) Spilornis holospilus (1) Spotted Dove (1) stacked teleconverters (1) Sterna albifrons (1) Streptopelia chinensis (1) Streptopelia tranquebarica (4) Striated Swallow (2) Stripe-headed Rhabdornis (2) subic rainforest (2) super blue moon (1) super moon (1) supermoon (1) supertyphoon (1) surfing (4) surfing slomo (1) taboc (2) Tanygnathus lucionensis (1) telephoto (1) ten-four (1) ten-four readymix (1) Todiramphus chloris (3) tplex (3) tplex terminus (1) transcend dp200 (1) Tringa stagnatilis (1) Tundra Bean Goose (1) Turnix suscitator (1) Tyto longimembris (1) Upupa epops (1) versys x300 (1) video (1) wasp (1) wasp macro (1) wasp video (1) Whimbrel (2) Whiskered Tern (7) White-breasted Waterhen (1) White-fronted Tit (1) White-throated Kingfisher (7) Yellow Bittern (1) Yellow-vented Bulbul (3) Zebra Dove (1) Zitting Cisticola (1) Zosterops meyeni (10) Zosterops montanus (3)